Automating Business

At Progressive Bits, technical excellence is a given, innovative design, delivered on time, on budget, because our customers come first!

IT processes slowing you down?

Would you like to :-

Say goodbye to manual workflows, testing and report writing?

Improve the agility and transparency of your processes?

Ensure the security, scalability and reliability of your systems?

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Benefits of Automation

Almost any business process can be automated with the exception of those restricted by legislation and governance which we have knowledge and experience of having worked in some of the most highly regulated sectors with some of the extremely restrictive and diverse infrastructures.

We specialise in the 'Digital Transformation' of business processes. This transformation would increase your businesses agility, efficiency, security and the integrity of your business assets by a significant amount.

With additional automated reporting the information necessary to steer your business forward is readily available, without recourse for your staff to manually gather and collate any data for you. In addition, the readily available reporting provides transparency of your business processes across the organisation enabling any errors to be easily identified and fixed to enhance the integrity of your data further.

We achieve this with innovative design, development and implementation of our solutions, tailored to meet your specific business needs. Additionally this can be integrated with your existing infrastructure, so there is no need for you to significantly change your existing business processes or procedures, which can be the case with a new ' off the shelf package'.

Any work undertaken by us on your behalf will utilise industry standard tools and technology wherever possible to provide you an inherent flexibility with any ongoing support and maintenance, that we can also provide for you.

We are DBS cleared and have experience working with clients in some of the most highly regulated sectors, the confidentiality and integrity of your business processes and assets will be maintained to the highest degree with the team at Progressive Bits.

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Our Servives

Process Automation

Automating the data flow between disparate applications both internal and external will greatly enhance your data integrity and security of assets plus more cost efficient in terms of staffing and processing time.

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The automated provisioining of software and virtual hardware in-house, externally hosted or hybrid will allow you great flexibility and reliability through on demand scaling, makes more effective use of resources and provides in conjusnction with suitable data backup strategies and effective and swift disaster recovery solution.

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DevOps Automation

Full end to end automation of your DevOps pipelines with automated testing and strategic quality gates not only boosts your development and delivery agility but also enhances the integrity and security of your assets and greatly reduces the risk bugs finding their way into production.

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